Civ 5: We Love The King Day

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Civ 5: We Love The King Day
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Civ 5: We Love The King Day Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released Mar 14 2016
Length 2:48
Game Civ 5

Civ 5: We Love The King Day is the fourth video in Door Monster's Civilization Series. This video pokes fun at how Happiness works in Civ 5, and how it works independently of We Love The King Day.


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Random citizen
Cesar Riojas Paul
Jefferey Neely Random citizen


The sketch begins with Paul holding a sign and chanting "We demand whales." Kyle comes up to him and informs him that today is We Love The King Day. Kyle and Paul discuss all the things they dislike about the king, such as not giving the people whales and spices. Paul's chants begin to go off track as he starts to chant about disliking foreigners and building a wall to keep them out. Paul then reveals that he doesn't even know what a whale is despite demanding them.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Cities can demand luxury resources. Whales are a luxury resource.
  • The King is a she: We Love the King Day is named as such despite your leader being Catherine the Great or Elizabeth I or even a non-royal leader like Washington, Bismarck, or Gandhi.
  • Capturing a new city in civ 5 (considered by most outsiders to be a sign that you are winning the war) makes your home cities less happy and eventually prone to rebellion. This can be avoided by waiting until the captured city has courthouse and other happiness buildings before moving on to conquer another city.
  • You don't even have to have seen any tiles with a luxury resource on it for your citizens to demand a resource.


  • We Love The King Day is triggered by the acquisition of certain resources in Civ 5, and provides a city growth bonus.
  • A wall to keep all the foreigners out appears to be referencing Civ 5's "Great Wall" world wonder, and likely also Donald Trump's 2016 campaign promises.
  • Tradition policies such as Aristocracy and Monarchy are very good for happiness. However, they both focus on individual large cities (monarchy only focuses on the capital) so they aren't great for a large sprawling expansionist warmongering empire like the one the citizens appear to live in, which would probably better benefit from Liberty policies like Meritocracy or Autocracy Ideological tenets like Police State or Militarism.