Civ 5: Science Victory

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Civ 5: Science Victory
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YouTube Link
Date Released July 4, 2016
Length 3:47
Game Sid Meier's Civilization 5

Civ 5: Science Victory is a sketch that satirizes the Civ 5 Technology discovery tree and other game mechanics related to science.

Description: "Just one of those mysteries of science!"


Actor Character
Ethan Gelinas Lead Scientist
Jefferey Neely Research Scientist
Kyle Sullivan Russian Spy, potentially Yegor


Scientists played by Ethan Gelinas and Jefferey Neely discuss what their nation has been doing in terms of discoveries on what appears to be a talk show. Ethan's character is the leader while Jefferey's is the research scientist .

Jefferey discovers pottery.

Ethan Calls up the great scientist Aristotle, who has just discovered Combustion. However, Aristotle seems uninterested in any further research.

The news cut to commercial, which reports that the Russians have stolen the internet.

Jefferrey's scientist realizes that there needs to be a computer for the internet to work, and runs off the screen.

Then a scout played by Kyle Sullivan comes in with a bow he found in ancient ruins. He then refusees to hand the bow over to the engineers.

Jefferey's scientist returns with a computer. When he sees the bow and arrow, he promptly discovers the wheel, making Ethan's character question how the two are related.

The scout is then discovered to be a Russian spy.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Get Science advisor to shut up for one minute: advisors will talk and frequently pop up and give advice a lot unless turned off in the settings
  • Concepts ignored for thousands of years: not everything in the tech tree was required to get other techs farther on in the tree, there were top row techs and bottom row techs which had no interaction with the other half at all.
    • Pottery is at the top row.
    • The Civ can only work on one tech at a time, so beelining important techs leaves other ones that were much earlier discarded.
  • There is a list of great scientist names, such as Aristotle, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and so on. This has no bearing whatsoever on when they will appear or what they will discover.
    • And another thing, if expended to rush a technology, they are no longer in existence to help out. This makes more sense early on, when the turns are 40 years, than later on in the game where turns become half a year.
  • Engines without Combustion: Great War Bombers, Triplanes, Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, Bombers, Fighters, Mobile SAMs, Rocket Artillery, Mechanized Infantry, Guided Missiles, Nuclear Missiles, Space ship boosters, and The Hubble Space telescope can all be made without discovering combustion first.
  • Internet without computers: It's one of the several oddities of the tech tree
  • Scouts finding bows: Units can discover new weapons in ancient ruins. This is most often scouts, which get upgraded to archers by ruins. However, discovering new weapons does not have any impact on discovering the necessary tech.
  • Archery is a prerequisite tech for the Wheel. Chariot Archers need bows.
  • Spies placed in opponent's city can find technologies.
    • You can only find techs that the civ actually has, though.


  • Equations on the whiteboard behind the two:
  • There are other oddities with the Civ 5 tech tree, even with BNWs attempt to fix it. The two mentioned in the video, as well as:
    • Inventing Gatling guns before discovering gunpowder
    • Discovering Atomic theory and building the Manhattan Project before discovering chemistry
    • Discovering all manner of destroyers, aircraft carriers, and battleships (and planes too) without getting sailing
    • Discovering satellites and most of your spaceship requirements without getting astronomy
    • Discovering many types of planes/1900s era ships/Tanks that require Oil before knowing that Oil exists (but not being able to build them without oil)