Civ 5: Doing Something About Gandhi

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Civ 5: Doing Something About Gandhi
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Civ 5: Doing Something About Gandhi Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released June 29, 2015
Length 4:56
Game Sid Meier's Civilization 5

Civ 5: Doing Something About Gandhi is a Civilization sketch. In it, the world leaders gather up to tackle the problem that is Gandhi.

Description: "All the world's leaders finally decide to put an end to Gandhi's reign of terror."


Actor Character
Rachel Butcher Queen Elizabeth
JP De Ovando Ramesses II
Sophia Tallon Catherine The Great
Joey Basham Suleiman The Magnificent
Sharmita Bhattacharya Empress Theodora (Character)
Matt Locke Enrico Dandolo


The sketch begins with Queen Elizabeth thanking the other world leaders for coming to her meeting about ways to defeat the warlord Gandhi. Suleiman suggests taking over Gandhi by force. Catherine criticizes his suggestions by saying that he hasn't done any actual damage to Gandhi, to which Suleiman responds by denouncing Russia. Elizabeth clarifies what Catherine was trying to say and comes to the conclusion that a direct confrontation would not be the most effective strategy.

Enrico states that he has a lot of money and if anyone needs money, he has it covered. Ramesses offers to help with production, since Egypt can build things very quickly. Enrico comments how he's building a Terracotta Army and Ramesses responds that he's also building one. He tries to cancel the building, but they had already finished. With that, Suleiman denounces Egypt. Elizabeth tries to get everyone focused again stating that Gandhi could strike at any moment. As she says this, Gandhi launches a nuke at Venice and takes out all the trade routes simultaneously, meaning that all of Enrico's money is now gone.

Suleiman then denounces the Byzantine Empire because Theodora insulted him, mentioning how she makes all the art from the gem deposits she stole from him five thousand years ago. Suleiman then denounces everyone, to which Theodora responds by denouncing the Ottomans. Catherine also denounces everyone and Suleiman denounces the Byzantine Empire again. Egypt chimes in by denouncing Venice for fun while Catherine calls her religion Denouncing Venice.

Elizabeth gets fed up with the other world leaders arguing and brings their attention back to the matter at hand. Elizabeth declares she's going to send her navy to attack Gandhi, Ramesses says he'll stop building wonders to focus on troops, Suleiman announces he will continue his attack on Gandhi (and only Gandhi), Theodora will put up an effort (which is good enough), Enrico is now basically worthless and Catherine declares she's going to space. After saying this, she walks off.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • In Civ only one nation can build a world wonder, and Egypt had built all the best ones before anyone else could.
  • In Civ Venice can only have one city and has to rely on puppeting other cities to expand.


  • There is an easter egg in Civ 5 where, if Gandhi gets nuclear weapons, he becomes a warlord, despite being a pacifist. This, in turn, is a reference to a bug from Civ 1.
  • DoodleConn can be seen as the statue on top of the capitol building in multiple shots.
  • Running Gags: DM Religions