Civ 5: Dibs on the Ruins

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Civ 5: Dibs on the Ruins
YT Civ5Ruins.jpg
Civ 5: Dibs on the Ruins Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released December 21, 2015
Length 2:43
Game Sid Meier's Civilization 5

Civ 5: Dibs on the Ruins is a Civilization sketch. In it, two scouts argue over who should get to be the one to explore the ruins.

Description: "Scouts are playing an entirely different game than everybody else."


Actor Character
Erin Cain Greek Scout
Rachel Butcher Roman Scout
Kyle Sullivan Scout


The sketch begins with a Greek Scout running towards a nearby ruins, though quickly stopping and noticing that a Roman Scout is running towards it as well. The two immediately enter a combat stance, intently looking at each other, and begin to bicker over who should be the one to explore them. After some discussion and debate, they both come to the conclusion that they're physically evenly matched, so the only way they'll be able to settle the dispute is diplomatically.

The two then show off their maps to try and decide who's a better scout. The Greek Scout mentions that she needs the ruins because Greece is low on population and there might be survivors inside. The Roman Scout, on the other hand, counters this argument by saying there might be gold and Rome is short on money. A third scout then shows up, announcing that he has already explored the ruins and found a map inside. After commenting on how the ruins are suddenly gone, the Greek and Roman scouts beat him to death and grab the map. The two look at the piece of paper in their hands and declare it is the most beautiful map they've ever seen.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The ruins disappearing is a reference to how they disappear off the map after they've been explored.
  • During their conversation, the Greek Scout tries to score a hit on the Roman Scout. This is a reference to their earlier conversation about how the person who gets the first hit would win a physical battle.