Chuck: Intersnect

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Chuck: Intersnect
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Chuck: Intersnect Thumbnail
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Date Released January 4, 2016
Length 3:45
Game N/A

Chuck: Intersnect is a sketch that revolves around the concepts of Intersects from the TV Show Chuck, but with a twist.

Description: "Kyle tries to turn Jon into a super spy by downloading the internet into his brain."


Actor Character
Jon Currie Himself
Kyle Sullivan Himself


The video begins with Jon looking at his computer, bored. Kyle enters the frame sliding in a chair, telling Jon that he hasn't moved for the last seven and a half hours, and asks if he wants to do something cool, like taking over the world or watching Star Wars. Jon, however, ignores him, saying that Maz Kanata's castle has a flag with the symbol of the 501st legion on it.

Kyle, a bit confused, asks for what did that sentence mean. Jon answers that he saw it on the Internet, and Kyle comments that Currie's brain is turning him into a lame version of Intersect. Jon tries to correct him, saying that it is pronounced "Internet", but Kyle explains that he's referring to the Intersects from the TV Show Chuck, that can download information by watching flashing images and recall it in a moment's notice.

Currie sarcastically asks if the show is based on Reddit, and Kyle gets up from his chair and brings the notebook from DIY AI to Jon, telling him that the last time he used it, it became sentient and downloaded the entire internet. Currie says he remembers that, saying "oh yeah, from that video!", but Kyle promptly slaps him, making Jon corrects himself by saying that it was "from that one time in real life".

Kyle then turns up the computer, giving quick instructions to Jon. Jon tries to ask if the computer killed itself by doing it, though Kyle ignores him and turns the notebook on anyway. Lots of flashing images then appear, ranging from memes to stock pictures. All the Internet gets downloaded into Jon's brain, and Kyle starts to test him.

He first shows him a photo of a former president, and Jon at first recalls useful information, until he says that the man was from Pallet Town and tried to become a Pokémon Master. Kyle looks confused, and Jon adds by saying "citation needed".

In the second test, Sullivan tells Currie that he hid his phone somewhere in the room, and that Jon needs to find it. After a quick pause for him to recall information, Jon parodies John Travolta's famous confused pose.

In the third test, Kyle shows various different images to Jon, while the latter tries to figure out their references. In the fourth test, Kyle asks Jon to jump over a fence, making him parody the "Do it!" meme and fall over. Finally, in the last test, Sullivan again shows Jon varied different images, though this time, Currie only responds by saying "worst thing ever". The last image, however, is a trigonometry equation, and Jon simply says that it is a "communist language". Kyle gets angry by the obviously wrong answer and throws all the pictures at him, yelling "It's math, do one useful thing!"

The video cuts to both of them sitting in front of the house, with Currie apologising to Kyle. Suddenly, a woman passes by, and Jon starts to recall information about her. Kyle lifts his hands in the air, happy, saying that they will become awesome spies. Jon then comments that she has a blog on Tumblr, and both panic. The sketch ends with Jon screaming in horror.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The title is a portmanteau using the words "Internet" and "Intersect".
  • Reddit is known to have various different arguably useless information.


  • The notebook is obviously a reference to DIY AI.
  • The Maz Kanata's castle is a location from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • The core concept of this sketch and the thumbnail are references to Chuck.
  • This entire video is loaded with other Internet references, like the Travolta confused pose, the "Do it!" meme and the Look At My Horse Song.