Christmas OCD

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Christmas OCD
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Date Released December 7, 2013
Length 2:05
Game N/A

Christmas OCD is a sketch that revolves around a broken christmas toy.

Description: "We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself


The video begins with Kyle entering the kitchen and turning the knob of a christmas musical toy. The toy soon starts to play a song, while Kyle washes his hands. As the young man leaves the room, however, the toy stops the music right before the last note. Sullivan takes a few steps back and turns to the trinket, intrigued. He walks back to the toy and slightly spins its knob, letting the song finish. It does, and Kyle heads back to the corridor.

...Until the song restarts and stops soon after.

Kyle gets annoyed, and begins to indulge in an unfruitful endeavor - fixing the toy. Many attempts are made, though all end up in vain. Eventually, Sullivan loses his patience, and all goes black.

The ornament appears in a surgery room, accompanied by the sound of digital heartbeats. Kyle is wearing gloves and a surgeon mask, ready to "operate" the toy. His hands slowly approach the object, then carefully turn the knob. The song finally gets properly finished, and the young man celebrates.

Back to the kitchen, presumably a few moments after the last scene, Kyle is walking through the kitchen with a bowl of cereal. Suddenly, the toy begins to play the song again, much to Kyle's anger, who throws his bowl in the air and becomes rageful. The sketch ends as Sullivan advances towards the trinket with a meat tenderizer in his hand.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The description is unfinished due to the OCD theme of the video.