Car Movers

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Car Movers
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Car Movers Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released June 1, 2015
Length 1:23
Game N/A

Car Movers is a short sketch with an unusual explanation for why people forget where they park their cars.

Description: "The true reason you always forget where you park. It's not your fault or anything."


Actor Character
Jefferey Neely Himself
Kyle Sullivan Car Mover #1
Jon Currie Car Mover #2


The video begins with Jefferey parking his car and leaving to buy some groceries. After he exits the scene, two agent-looking men (played by Kyle and Jon) appear from behind a vehicle and run to Neely's car, opening it with a seemingly technological device. Both agents then enter it and drive it to another parking spot, where they finally exit and run.

After some time, Jefferey returns with his items, now dismayed to see that his car isn't there. Looking around confused, he asks to himself: "Wait, where did I park?"

The video then cuts to both agents in "badass" poses, accompanied by the title "Car Movers" in front of them. The camera spins around the two partners, and the sketch ends simultaneously with the music.


  • DoodleConn appears in this video, at 0:53. He's inside one of the cars.


  • The original script of this video had two people leaving from the car, not just Jefferey.