Captain America: Winter Jacket

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Captain America: Winter Jacket
Captain America: Winter Jacket Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released July 9, 2018
Length 3:18
Game N/A

Captain America: Winter Jacket is a Marvel sketch. In it, Officers Kurt and Walt spy on Captain America.

Description: "Kurt and Walt are looking for Captain America, but all they can find is some totally average buff white dude."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Officer Kurt
Ian Conn Officer Walter
Zac Tinney Captain America
Thomas Devery Bucky Barnes
Allison Devery Mom, Kid


The video begins with Officer Kurt watching someone with binoculars, while Officer Walt slowly approaches him. The latter asks the former for whom are they stalking, and after some confusion, Kurt explains that he's watching Captain America.

The policeman says that he saw the Captain entering the establishment, but now can't find him once he's inside. Kurt has narrowed his search down to three suspects: a woman with a baby, a kid with a Gameboy, and an aryan man with impeccable fitness and a neck spasm. Kurt then asks Walt to try to guess who the Captain is, and the officer randomly chooses the "man with the glasses". Kurt says that that was a test, and that he's wrong - the man with the glasses is wearing a sweatshirt, something that the superhero would never wear due to being trapped in arctic ice for half a century. Besides, his appearance is, according to the policeman, the most "textbook civilian" outfit he has ever seen.

Kurt then wonders on which is more likely: the Captain disguising himself as a female or as a child. Walt suggests the possibility of him being the baby, but his colleague calls this ridiculous. Kurt tells Walt to try to get inside the head of a superhero, and say what do they think. The policeman claims that they fear getting penalized by the collateral damage of their actions, though Kurt explains that the correct answer is that they want to protect people from harm. The officer then goes on to ask for whom, between the woman and the kid, embodies more of that idea. Before Walt says anything, however, Kurt threatens: "do not say the baby".

Bucky Barnes and Spiderman both soon join the Captain, making Walt wonder if he has ever seen the two of them. Kurt belittles him again for thinking of that, explaining that the man resembling Bucky doesn't look like he has a prosthetic arm and bringing up the fact that Walt constantly confuses Captain America with the Human Torch.

Finally, losing all of his patience, Kurt decides to go in. The officer first asks Walt to recite what do they learn at the Academy, and the policeman makes a comment about how they should invest their first bribe into life insurance, due to the high policemen mortality rate. Kurt, annoyed, says that he wants an answer consistent with the situation, and Walt responds by saying that every person wearing a hooded sweatshirt, aviator sunglasses and a baseball cap is unimportant. Kurt declares that he's going after the baby, as he is starting to doubt his initial hunch, and disguises himself with a sweatshirt and a cap. Walt, looking at him, becomes confused and asks, "where did Officer Kurt go?"

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Captain America and the Human Torch are both played by Chris Evans. That's why Walt keeps confusing one with other.
  • Walt doesn't recognize Kurt in a sweatshirt due to being taught that anyone with a sweatshirt, sunglasses and cap should be deemed unimportant. This plays on the idea that in superhero movies, the characters put on simple disguises like that and are never noticed because of it.
  • Kurt tried to suggest that Captain is the mother, due to his spirit of protecting people.


  • The sweatshirt Kurt puts on at the end is an Altered Egos sweatshirt from their store.