Can't See Green

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Can't See Green
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Date Released September 19, 2016
Length 1:45
Game N/A

Can't See Green is a sketch about a different type of colorblindness - one that makes all green things invisible.


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Ethan Gelinas Himself


Kyle and Ethan enter a room with a green screen hanging in the middle of it. Ethan is wearing a green shirt and playing with a green apple. Suddenly, Kyle gets startled at the sight of Ethan, who gets confused by Kyle's reaction. Kyle stutters and asks why Ethan's arms and head are "like that". After some more confusion, Kyle finally realizes that Ethan is wearing a green shirt, for which Ethan confirms.

Sullivan apologises and tells Ethan that he's colorblind. Gelinas responds by saying "yeah, you can't see green. [...] The color green." Kyle hesitantly confirms it, and Ethan continues, saying that Kyle can still see things that are green, by which Kyle immediately negates.

Ethan then asks what he looks like, and Sullivan answers that his arms and head look like they are floating. Gelinas states that "that's not how colorblindness works", but Sullivan asks Ethan to "think about it".

Ethan tells him that he is thinking about it. Kyle then asks him to stop thinking about it, and basically do the opposite of what he's currently doing.

The conversation then starts to get complicated. Ethan says that "colorblindness does not make things transparent", by which Sullivan counters that Ethan doesn't know what happens through his eyes, and that the green that he sees is probably not even the green that Kyle doesn't see.

Ethan then brings his apple up and asks about its appearance. Kyle gets confused, seemingly not seeing the fruit, and Gelinas states that he knows that he can see it. Kyle then explains that colorblinds use contexts clues to interact with the world like normals.

Getting increasingly impatient, Ethan casually throws the apple at Kyle's head, by which Kyle exclaims: "Ow!". Ethan continues, asking if the ground looks invisible when Sullivan goes outside. Kyle answers "yes", saying that it "looks like Minecraft".

Gelinas finally gives up, calmly saying that it is a convincing performance and asking Kyle to "try to not trip over any invisible lizards". Kyle smiles and states that the joke is on him, since "lizards are already invisible".

The video then changes and all objects that are green turn invisible. Ethan goes down the stairs while Kyle walks to the middle of the room, going right into the green screen and getting stuck.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • "The green that you see probably isn't even the same green that I don't see" is a joke on the theory that not all humans see the same colors, only call them the same name.
  • Kyle says that "lizards are already invisible" because he has never seen one, since they are all green and he can't see green things.
  • The over-arching joke of the sketch is that Kyle in real life is, in fact, red-green colorblind.