Bob Ross VR: The Joy of Tiltbrush

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Bob Ross VR: The Joy of Tiltbrush
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Bob Ross VR: The Joy of Tiltbrush Thumbnail
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Date Released August 1, 2016
Length 4:26
Game N/A

Bob Ross VR: The Joy of Tiltbrush is a sketch that explores the idea of a Bob Ross show with the Tiltbrush VR application.

Description: "Episode 1 of The Joy of Tilt Brush with Bob Ross features the following wonderful painting instructions: Condemning the Heathens, and that's it. The Joy of Tilt Brush was then immediately cancelled, and there will not be an episode 2."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Bob Ross
Ethan Gelinas "Rick" (The Producer)


The video begins with a Bob Ross-esque intro, featuring a calming music and the title "the Joy of Tilt Brush with BOB ROSS". Right after that, Bob Ross introduces himself and welcomes the viewers to the Joy of Tiltbrush series, always using his trademark soothing voice. The colors (this time, their RGB code) are displayed in the bottom part of the screen, while Ross starts his show.

He begins by saying he'll use pure light as his paint, but tells the viewers that they may use any paint that they like. He says, "After all, you closed yourself off here for a reason".

Bob starts his painting, drawing some stick figure characters in the top part of the "screen". The figures initially start happy, though Ross quickly informs the viewers that they're not so happy, since they are falling to the void. He also adds that he will create something for them to land on "in just a bit".

Bob continues painting characters while saying that there are no mistakes in VR, since the "Undo" button exists. He draws VR headsets in the heads of the figures, telling everyone that they bought an Oculus Rift. Ross belittles them further, claiming that they make bad decisions and assigning that as the reason they are plummeting to their demise.

He changes the color of his brush and informs the viewers that they need to clean it first, by "beating the devil out of it". Bob then proceeds to repeatedly beat his brush against his canvas, however the voice of a man from off-camera quickly stops him by reminding him that it is not, in fact, a real brush. Ross apologises and continues his painting, praising the Vive for being very realistic and advising the users to be careful, since it is "very special equipment". Bob silently adds that the Rift is an exception to that.

Ross paints a lava pool below the characters and "indications of falling" above them. Bob accompanies his painting with quiet, panicky screams, imitating the figures in his picture. Bob comments that he "gotta make the noise or they won't feel the pain." After doing all that, he claims that the painting is done, summarizing it by saying that it is a picture of all the Oculus Rift employees falling into an "almighty" pit of lava.

The man from off-screen interjects again, saying that that's not appropriate. Bob counters by saying that it's their's (the viewer's) world, and that they may do whatever they like. If they don't want a pit of lava, they may create a bed of spikes or a pool of sharks. The producer doesn't agree with him, explaining that the show was made to celebrate VR as a technology, not to express his opinions about one's company.

Ross agrees, in an awkward manner. He turns to the viewer and says that it is important to respect the worlds that other people decide to create, adding that VR is a community, working best when everyone is a friend to each other. Bob ends by wishing all his viewers a "happy painting", however stopping in an awkward pause. He finally adds that the Rift is an exception to his wishes, and tells all of them to "burn in Hell". The producer, outraged, yells his name, and the sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Instead of using usual color names, the show utilizes their RGB code, since it is aimed at people that use the Tiltbrush app.