Blackmail Forwarding

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Blackmail Forwarding
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Date Released December 19, 2016
Length 2:00
Game N/A

Blackmail Forwarding is a sketch about the Extortionist Hobo attempting to blackmail a random civilian.

Description: "So this new guy is just minding his own business when OH GOD IT'S SOME STALKER WITH A CAMERA AND A KNIFE!!!"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Extortionist Hobo
Edwin Quinones Himself
Joey Basham Police Officer


The sketch begins with the Extortionist Hobo walking up to Edwin, while he's sitting at a bench, and taking a photo of him. Edwin asks why he took a photo of him and the Extortionist Hobo asks for seven dollars and tells him to hand over the cash and he won't have to find out why he took the picture. Edwin asks if he's trying to blackmail him by taking pictures on him at a bench. The Extortionist Hobo tells him that the bench he's sitting at is a memorial bench for John Pinkerton, an international war hero and well known famous person. Edwin asks what he's pointing at and that here's no plaque. The Extortionist Hobo tells him he disrespected he Pinkerton family. Edwin responds by asking if he's wearing a fake beard. The Extortionist Hobo tells him the photos will look good on his wanted poster and Edwin tells him to stop taking pictures of him. The Extortionist Hobo tells Edwin that he's open to bribes but the price has gone up to seven-fifty and has to be paid in rupees.

Edwin asks him one last time to stop taking pictures of him while he's trying to relax in his neighborhood. The Extortionist Hobo asks about taking pictures of him in other places and proceeds to show him photos he took in the past. Edwin asks how long he's been following him and the Extortionist Hobo claims that Edwin's been following him and he now has evidence. He then shows him a photo of the Extortionist Hobo holding up a knife while Edwin is in the background on the phone. The Extortionist Hobo then asks him if he got taller since the last time they met, claiming he was about "leprechaun size." Edwin tells him he's never met him before, but the Extortionist Hobo shows him photos he took of LeBron two years ago and claims that it's Edwin. Edwin tells him that he could only mix them up if he had any kind of blindness. The Extortionist Hobo then asks if he's seen LeBron and Edwin tell him "There's no way that guy's name is LeBron." The Extorionist Hobo then walks off. Later, a wanted poster with Edwin's face is taped up claiming he was "dishonoring the memory of war hero John Pinkerton." A police officer is standing next to the poster. Edwin notices the poster after he greets the officer. The Extortionist Hobo then walks up to them and points to Edwin and tells the officer that he's a criminal and that he found him. He then asks the officer for a reward, to which he complies and while he's giving the Extortionist Hobo the money Edwin runs off. The officer chases after him and a thud is heard off screen.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • LeBron is typically a name that is given to African Americans.


  • The Extortionist Hobo asking for $7.50 is a reference to the False Charges sketch where he asks LeBron for $7.50
  • The photo of LeBron is from the sketch Bad Signs that was uploaded in 2014.