Black Pants Film School (Series)

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Black Pants Film School
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Black Pants Film School is an advice series for low budget filmmakers. The series spans a wide variety of topics from writing, to prop building, to visual effects, to whether one should go to film school or not.

Recurring Characters[edit]

Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself

Videos in Series[edit]

How To Be A Successful Youtuber[edit]

This video focuses on giving advice to aspiring YouTubers. There are a total of 3 steps, or advice, that Kyle gives. The first piece of advice is to not use YouTube if your goal isn't to just "be a YouTuber". The second piece of advice is to figure out what you actually want to do. The third piece of advice is to make every decision in service to your passion.

8 Super Cheap Things Every Filmmaker Needs[edit]

This video is a list of items that can come in handy for filmmakers in a pinch. Items in this list include gaff tape, SD cards, safety pins, pens and paper, a pack of AA batteries, plastic bags, rubber bands, and black pants.

Is Film School Worth It? (A Filmmaker's Perspective)[edit]

This video address the question whether film school is worth it or not. Kyle goes over what a filmmaker can gain from going to film school, namely creating relationships, and gaining experience and skills.

Reading Our First Script Ever | AIR SOFT[edit]

This video features Kyle and Ian as they read and give commentary about Air Soft, the first script they ever wrote.

Making a Hobbit | VFX Breakdown for D&D: The Tavern[edit]

This video is an explanation of how Kyle did the effects for the hobbit in their D&D: The Tavern sketch. He talks about using green screens and the amount of time it takes to create an effect and addresses the idea of whether it's worth putting in more time to fine-tune an effect.

Adding Bears to Things | VFX Breakdown[edit]

This video is a breakdown of how Kyle used compositing in their The Stuffing of Legends, A Civil Warning, Civ 6: Theological Combat, and SCP Foundation - Trick or Treat sketches. He talks about compositing and how combine two or more different pieces of footage to create convincing scenes.