Black Pants Film School (Series)

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Black Pants Film School
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Black Pants Film School is an advice series for low budget filmmakers. The series spans a wide variety of topics from writing, to prop building, to visual effects, to whether one should go to film school or not.

Recurring Characters[edit]

Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself

Videos in Series[edit]

How To Be A Successful Youtuber[edit]

This video focuses on giving advice to aspiring YouTubers. There are a total of 3 steps, or advice, that Kyle gives. The first piece of advice is to not use YouTube if your goal isn't to just "be a YouTuber". The second piece of advice is to figure out what you actually want to do. The third piece of advice is to make every decision in service to your passion.

8 Super Cheap Things Every Filmmaker Needs[edit]

This video is a list of items that can come in handy for filmmakers in a pinch. Items in this list include gaff tape, SD cards, safety pins, pens and paper, a pack of AA batteries, plastic bags, rubber bands, and black pants.

Is Film School Worth It? (A Filmmaker's Perspective)[edit]

This video address the question whether film school is worth it or not. Kyle goes over what a filmmaker can gain from going to film school, namely creating relationships, and gaining experience and skills.