Big Fist (Character)

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Big Fist
Big Fist in Back in the Ring
Actor Ian Conn
Occupation Anarchist
First Appearance The Guards Themselves - Part 1

Big Fist, also known as Scott, is a member of the Anarchists from The Guards Themselves. He is very vain as he is obsessed with his hair and looks. He has super strength, but is also super lazy as he is often seen napping around. He wears a pair of boxing gloves and is rarely seen without them on.


The Guards Themselves - Part 1[edit]

Big Fist is first seen infiltrating the bank "Queen & Lord" with MasterFusion. Their mission is to disable the alarms to allow the rest of the team to enter the bank undetected. They are, however, foiled by the Crimefighters, Spectacle and Mr. Justice. Scott attempts to salvage the mission by turning off the alarms himself, but is unable to press the button because of his boxing gloves. They two return to the Anarchists' base and are reprimanded by Emma for not being able to do their jobs and deal with the Crimefighters.

The Guards Themselves - Part 2[edit]

The next day Scott is called by Noam and is informed that the base was raided and he needs to get to the emergency bunker and to not contact anyone. When he arrives at the bunker he begins to panic as there are only four anarchists left. The next day Scott helps to create a plan to rescue their captured allies. While the Anarchists are trying to get an ID badge off a Security Agent he is found by Mr. Justice and has to make sure he doesn't mess up the plan so he leads him to where Richie is leading the Security Agent and uses him to trip the Agent.

The Guards Themselves - Part 3[edit]

Back at the bunker Scott is seen using a lint roller on his hair before Noam's bag explodes. During the prison break he mentions a flaw in Noam's plan, in that they need a key to get the captured anarchists out of the cells. When they are escaping he is one of the ones who wants to bring Paul and Katie with them back to the bunker.

The Guards Themselves - Part 4[edit]

Back at the bunker Scott tries, and fails, to get Noam to do something to try and take down the Oligarchs. He then shows Paul and Katie around the bunker, as they'll be staying there for a while. When Meyer goes to the meeting point where Noam is meeting Scott attempts to intimidate him into leaving his Security Agents behind, but ultimately fails.

Back in the Ring[edit]

Scott contacts Noam after not seeing him for an undisclosed amount of time and tries to get him to abandon everything he's worked for to make his daily life more convenient, to which Noam declines. Noam suggests to Scott the possibility of rejoining the Anarchists before walking away. At the last moment, he tells Scott that his hair looks better short, invoking Big Fist's fury and getting chased by him.



Scott works under Emma and often gets reprimanded by her for not being able to do his jobs due to the interference of the Crimefighters. Emma sees him as incompetent as he's not able to do anything correctly.


Scott and Noam are good long-time friends and are often seen doing jobs together. Noam knows him well enough that he was the only person he called after the Anarchists were raided, knowing that he wouldn't have made it to the meeting on time as well. Noam is shown to be annoyed by the fact that Scott never gets tased. Scott values Noam's opinions, as shown when he wears the pocket square that Noam suggested when he asked him which pocket square to wear. He enjoys annoying Noam by calling his bag "Magic Bag."


Scott has known Katie for a long time as he has witnessed her harassment of Noam many times. He is one of the Anarchists who wanted to bring her back to the base with them when they were escaping the prison and shows her around the bunker.

Paul/Mr. Justice[edit]

Scott has known Paul for a long time and is the one who usually fights him. They have a close relationship despite their fighting as they have been seen engaging in friendly conversation while they fought.


Scott has been close friends with Lincoln for a long time.


Scott and Messier don't start off on good terms as Messier threatens to shoot him due to his annoyance with Scott's complaining and ignorance to who Messier is.

Richie/The Arsonist[edit]

Scott and Richie have their differences on their thoughts about the bunker as Richie likes the bunker and thinks it's "awesome", while Scott complained about it the whole time.

Garrett Meyer[edit]

Scott attempts to intimidate Meyer into leaving his guards for his meeting with Noam, but fails.