Ban Crabs (Running Gag)

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Ban Crabs
Ban Crabs Joey.png
Type Verbal
Related Series Civilization (Series)
First Instance Civ 5: World Congress

Ban Crabs is a verbal running gag. It simply consists of a reference to the phrase "Ban Crabs!" or the concept of banning the Resource Crabs from the game Civilization V.

List of Instances[edit]

Civ 5: World Congress[edit]

First instance of the joke. In Civ 5: World Congress, Suleiman proposes to ban Crabs, as he does not like them. In the end of the sketch, after Dandolo is defeated, Empress Theodora asks for someone to propose something. The Magnificent immediately yells "Ban Crabs!", and everyone in the room accepts.

Counter/Intelligence The Movie (2nd Year Finale)[edit]

In Counter/Intelligence The Movie, Jefferey tries to reference the "Ban Crabs" line during a phone conversation. Basham, however, does not understand it, much to Agent Neely's dismay, who protests that Joey was the one who said it (as Suleiman's actor is Joey).

Civilization 6 VS Europa Universalis 4[edit]

In Civilization 6 VS Europa Universalis 4, Doge Enrico Dandolo of Venice asks Alternate Universe Suleiman about his opinion on crabs, trying to assess the situation. The latter responds, in a menancing tone, that he does not care about crabs. Dandolo immediately drops the subject and asks him to continue.