Bad Signs

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Bad Signs
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Date Released December 8, 2014
Length 2:30
Game N/A

Bad Signs is a sketch that involves LeBron running into the Extortionist Hobo, who's using signs to try and get money.

Description: "So this guy's just minding his own business when OH GOD IT'S THAT GUY AGAIN, AND THIS TIME HE HAS A SIGN!"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Extortionist Hobo
Jefferey Neely LeBron


The sketch begins with the Extortionist Hobo asking LeBron for money while holding up a sign that says "NEED MONEY SELLING 1 BEER." EH recognizes LeBron as "that guy with the milk" and asks if he still has it. LeBron tries to leave but notices that EH is holding up a new sign that says "LOST ARMS IN WAR Every bit helps" and explains the problem with the sign to him.

EH proposes LeBron to help him pick out a sign to hold, with the promise of getting some percentage of his earnings. LeBron replies sarcastically and EH takes it as a sign of compliance, beginning to show him his other signs. LeBron comments on how his signs seem more like extortion than begging, after EH shows him a sign that threatened to explode if people didn't give EH money. He then shows him another extortionist sign that says "BUY THIS SIGN FOR $20 *OR I'LL STAB YOU."

The Hobo shows LeBron even more outrageous signs, to which the straightman responds by saying that all his signs are terrible. EH puts up one last sign that says "HELP! THIS GUY IS ATTACKING ME!!", making a nearby bystander chase LeBron off screen. EH then holds up the sign that says "BUY THIS SIGN FOR $20 *OR I'LL STAB YOU" again and threatens the next civilian that walks by with a knife.

The sketch ends.


  • When EH asks if LeBron still has the milk he is referencing their first encounter from Entendre, Entendre.
  • This video's description is a reference to Entendre, Entendre's description.