Back in the Ring

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Back in the Ring
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Date Released June 8, 2017
Length 3:32
Game N/A

Back in the Ring is a sketch that takes place after The Guards Themselves. In it, Noam and Scott meetup after not seeing each other for a long time.

Description: "Some old partners in crime reconnect."


Actor Character
Ian Conn Scott/Big Fist
Kyle Sullivan Noam/MasterFusion


The sketch begins with Scott monologuing about his hair. Noam walks up to him and asks what he's wearing, to which Scott replies that it's his civillain outfit. Noam tells him he looks like a kidnapper and Scott counters him by saying he looks like a supervillain. Kyle tells him to take off his outfit and they go to a coffee shop. Kyle is seen talking on the phone with someone before hanging up. Scott then tells Noam that he wants him to stop trying to take down The Oligarchs as it's been inconveniencing him. He then goes on to ask if Noam's seen what Richie (another member of The Anarchists) did to the park to which Noam responds that he doesn't think it technically qualifies as a park anymore. Scott tells Noam he used to drink his chai tea lattes in that park and now it is on fire at that very moment. Noam clarifies that The Anarchists weren't the ones who did that and it was just Richie.

Scott asks how civilians are supposed to know between "you, that mob, and Messier's Merry Band of Trigger Happy Hooligans." Noam passes on abandoning everything he's ever worked for to make Scott's life more convenient. Noam then gets a phone call from Paul and informs Scott that he goes by "The Justice" now rather than "Mr. Justice." Noam then hangs up the phone and mentions that despite all of Scott's complaining he's still interested enough to be there and offers him a chance to help them, which Scott declines because of his "wounded disabled state." Noam explains to Scott the problems of the world they live in before getting another phone call. When he picks it up it's Scott telling him that maybe the people could just stop being terrible. Noam hangs up and points out that he was the one who showed up wearing boxing gloves. As he walks away he mentions that Scott's hair looks better short. Scott then chases after Noam, claiming he's "worse than all of them."

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Scott used to have long hair before it was cut.
  • Noam is the leader of a group of anarchists.


  • The hoodie Scott is wearing is a Door Monster Altered Egos hoodie.
  • The Oligarchs are the villains of The Guards Themselves.