Avatar: Battle of the Bends

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Avatar: Battle of the Bends
YT Avatar.jpg
Avatar: Battle of the Bends Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcLppUInF9A
Date Released February 24, 2015
Length 2:53
Game N/A

Avatar: Battle of the Bends is an Avatar sketch. In it, an airbender fights three firebenders in a battle of elements.

Description: "This is how we handle things in the suburbs, air bending style!"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Airbender
Ian Conn Firebender #1 (Doodleconn)
Rachel Butcher Firebender #2
Joey Basham Firebender #3


The video begins with an Airbender meditating in his room, annoyed by fire noises outside. After trying to tolerate the sounds, the Airbender angrily leaves his house and looks for the source of the noises. He finds three firebenders testing their powers in front of his house.

One of the firebenders creates a fire cloud above the trio, showing off his might. The Airbender quickly disperses it, however, with a powerful air gust. All three firebenders stare outraged to the airbender, and when the latter turns his back, one of the fire warriors shoots and misses a fireball. The Airbender immediately turns around, angrily, and starts to attack.

Firebenders #2 and #3 instantly fall to the ground, while Firebender #1 manages to avoid the gust of wind. The Airbender and the Firebender #1 exchange attacks until one of them hits the Firebender. Firebender #3 then gets up, shooting a fire projectile, and rotates around the Airbender.

Both fighters quickly get into close range and throw small attacks on each other. A fire punch connects into the Airbender, though he manages to roll and quickly return to the fight, attacking with an air power. The attack hits Firebender #3 and stuns him, leaving him open to another attack to the head.

Firebenders #1 and #2 get back to the fight and surround the Airbender, preparing their moves. Thinking quickly, the Airbender propels himself to the air blowing wind to the ground and both Firebenders end up attacking each other. He then pushes Firebender #2 to the side and connects consecutive hits into Firebender #1.

Firebender #2 charges in the direction of the Airbender but he manages to push her off again. Firebender #1 gets up and starts to wind up a powerful flame, while the Airbender also charges his own ultimate power. The latter ends up being faster and hits the firebender with an enormous power, sending him flying.

The Airbender quickly bows and looks to the side, revealing an old man watering his plants. The fighter waves his hand at him in a friendly manner, and then proceeds to walk away.

The sketch ends.


  • DoodleConn was created in this episode, as a result of an attempt of transforming Ian into a 3D model for the last airbending effect.


  • This is Joey's first full appearance in a sketch.
  • According to the video's description, the song used in this sketch was made by JP.
  • The "old man" featured in the last few seconds of the video is Kyle's father.