Artemis Cossling VI (Character)

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Artemis Cossling VI
Artemis Cossling VI in The Guards Themselves - Part 1
Actor Mitchell Deane
Occupation Media Oligarch
First Appearance The Guards Themselves - Part 1

Artemis Cossling VI is one of the five oligarchs that rule the city of The Guards Themselves. He is the oligarch behind all the Media in the city, and is considered to be paranoid and self-entitled. Artemis is often seen with a glass of red liquid, which is assumed to be wine.


The Guards Themselves - Part 1[edit]

Cossling is first seen in the oligarch meeting at the beginning of the episode, arriving late due to having a break-in in his house. It is implied that he killed the assailant with a revolving carabine. During the meeting, Artemis also mentions that someone is buying out all of his shareholders, and that the only people that are able to do that are in that meeting. Meyer calls this behavior paranoia.

The Guards Themselves - Part 3[edit]

Cossling appears again at the Meyer building, visiting Garrett to talk to him. He later enters the elevator with his colleague, joining Noam. There, Artemis asks him why Meyer's shares of his company suddenly tripled. The man simply says that he likes profits.

The Guards Themselves - Part 4[edit]

After the final showdown between Meyer and MasterFusion, the latter sends Lincoln's recordings to all the remaining oligarchs. With this information, Cossling sends Meyer to jail.


Garrett Meyer[edit]

Meyer and Cossling seemed to have a subtle rivalry prior to the former's arrest. Garrett was probably planning to take over Artemis' company by slowly buying all of his shares.


When Jenny talks to him, Cossling pretends he doesn't remember her, much to her annoyance.

Sylvia Crowe[edit]

Crowe seems to be disgusted by Artemis' attitude and behavior. Cossling's opinion of her is unknown.

Tedd Gunn[edit]

Tedd and Cossling do not interact during the events of The Guards Themselves. Their only known relation is that of both being oligarchs.


Noam had a brief encounter with Artemis during the elevator ride in Meyer's building. Artemis was sent a recording of Meyer's threat from Noam.