Ark: Alpha Tribe

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Ark: Alpha Tribe
Ark alpha tribe.jpg
Ark: Alpha Tribe Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released May 29, 2018
Length 4:14
Game ARK: Survival Evolved

Ark: Alpha Tribe is a sketch about a new player wanting to play by himself, but getting badgered to join a really cool tribe. The sketch is made in the form of an old 70's science fiction show. This video was uploaded a day late due to a busy week and the editing process taking longer than anticipated.

Description: "A plucky new castaway tries to eke out a living on a mysterious island. Will he be able to fit in with the cool tribe?"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Allison Devery Herself
Rachel Butcher Herself


The sketch begins with Kyle leaving his base to try and acquire cementing paste from a beaver dam. However, he discovers that he is too late, as other players had walled off the beaver spawns. Kyle then begins to formulate a plan to get the paste which involves burning them down and placing "NOOB" signs everywhere. Before he is able to enact his plan, however, he is greeted by two players riding dinosaurs from Alpha Tribe. They invite him to join their tribe, or else be killed. Kyle tells them that he doesn't like either of those options, believing that he's doing well on his own. The two tribe members continue to try to convince him by telling him that they have dinosaurs, an impenetrable fortress made of automated turrets, and the control of all the resources.

Kyle points out that they don't have beaver dams under their control, before looking over and seeing the dam from earlier on fire and covered in "NOOB" signs. Kyle continues to tell them that he'd prefer to be on his own and that it's not as fun when he's just handed things. Kyle then attempts to grab the cementing paste, but is stopped by the tribe members. He is then dragged along with them by a rope as he questions what the point of their endeavors is, as they have everything and can do whatever they want, with no challenge or conflict. The two tribe members realize that he's right and decide to dedicate themselves to defending the weak and defenseless. They then release Kyle and thank him for showing them the error of their ways, offering to take him to their base and give him cementing paste and exploitable dodos as a reward. He is, however, gunned down by the fortress as it is made entirely of guns. The two tribe members decide to pay respect to his former home and Rachel says that she'll bring the "NOOB" signs.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Dodos can be used for obtaining eggs as a source of food as they are easy to tame.
  • Cementing paste is a resource that is used for crafting many high-level items. Prior to the addition of beaver dams, cementing paste was used as a form of currency.
  • Alpha tribes are the strongest tribes on the server. They tend to attain this status by either killing everyone, or controlling all the resources.
  • Signs can be used to display short messages, such as "NOOB."
  • It is possible to tame dinosaurs in ARK, and certain ones can even be used as mounts.