Another Fable II Experience

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Another Fable II Experience
Another Fable II Experience Thumbnail
YouTube Link
Date Released December 6, 2010
Length 5:04
Game Fable II

Another Fable II Experience is the second animation of the Fable series, continuing the adventures of Rodriguez ElCazorro.

Description: "More tales of the Bandana Mask!

Rodriguez ElCazorro returns in a new adventure to vanquish the evil Lord Lucien and save Albion!"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Rodriguez ElCazorro, Jon, Dash
Jon Currie Lord Lucien
Jessica Padgett Hammer


The animation begins with Dash, the self-proclaimed fastest man in the land, declaring that he has escaped law enforcement. Rodriguez ElCazorro, however, quickly appears, making a dramatic entrance. Dash says that the hero will never catch him, claiming that he's quicker than a cheetah, more agile than an unladen swallow and faster than a speeding bullet. Rodriguez, in response to this, shoots the man in the face, and accuses him of lying - he's not faster than a bullet.

The video's intro occurs, and ElCazorro arrives at a town. When he announces his presence, however, just one citizen cheers. Jon soon joins the adventurer, much to the latter's annoyance, and they have a mild altercation before more fans appear before Rodriguez. The hero orders Jon to stay put, while Rodriguez talks to his fans. The companion keeps staring at a window, however, and starts to prepare his pistol. A kid approches ElCazorro and asks for an autograph, but the hero denies it due to a lack of blank paper. The boy, after hearing this, says that he hates him and throws sand at his face. Rodriguez, annoyed, claims that he will find him when he grows up and loses invincibility.

After this incident, two guards and Jon appear behind ElCazorro - the companion destroyed the window while he was distracted. The soldiers explain that the new city policy is that every crime must be paid by the criminal's friend, and ask Cazorro to pay for the window. While this policy was made to increase accountability, the murder rate has skyrocketed. Rodriguez says he's not surprised.

The scene then transitions to another place, where ElCazorro tells Jon that he needs to confront his arch-enemy, also known as the "final boss". Jon, confused, asks if he is just waiting for him the entire time, and the hero responds with a confirmation. When the companion says that that doesn't make any sense, ElCazorro starts to rant about how everything in that world makes no sense. After finishing that, the hero says once again that he hates him, and kicks Jon from the game.

Rodriguez ElCazorro then heads to the final boss room, where Lord Lucien talks about how he's about to gain the power of the Sparrow, and the fact that Cazorro can do nothing about that. The hero, however, points out that he is quite vulnerable. Lucien stutters and says that the speech actually has no significance, prompting Rodriguez to just shoot him.

After the deed is done, the protagonist claims that the battle was disappointing. Hammer, a female warrior that wields the weapon that her name implies, soon appears and congratulates the hero, getting the response, however, that she was just a big annoyance. After hearing this, the fighter says that she's wielding a hammer twice the size of Cazorro, making the hero cower and take back his statement.

Finally, Cazorro and Jon have one final discussion, where the former reveals that he didn't kill Lucien, just shot him in the leg. Rodriguez then heads to Fairfax Castle and throws out both Lucien and Murgo through a window.

The animation ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Kids in Fable II are invincible - that's why Rodriguez said that he'll just find the boy when he grows up.