Anger Management

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Anger Management
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Date Released June 6, 2016
Length 1:43
Game N/A

Anger Management is a sketch about social networks and internet rage.

Description: "Don't go spending all your rage in one place."


Actor Character
Ian Conn Himself
Kyle Sullivan Himself


The video begins with Ian furiously typing in his notebook, mumbling the words "I disagree with you". Kyle, entering the room and calling for his name, quickly realizes what is happening and takes the computer off the hands of Ian. Sullivan tells Conn that he can't change people's minds in the Internet, to which Ian simply replies by screaming "BUT THEY'RE WRONG!"

After the notebooks is out of his reach, Ian calms down. He apologises, saying that he shouldn't use Facebook, however Kyle corrects him by saying that he shouldn't use only Facebook - each site is for being angry at something different. That way, the anger gets more spread out and he doesn't get focused on just one thing.

Sullivan sits down, and starts to explain what he should do in each platform. Facebook is for getting angry at friends and family; Reddit is for getting angry at strangers; Twitter is for being angry at companies, brands, and language; Instagram is for being angry at other people's moments of happiness and how they highlight a lack of his own; Tumblr is for getting angry at people who are angry; Youtube is for being angry at people who entertain him for free; LinkedIn is for getting angry at e-mail; and finally, Google+ is for getting angry at Google+.

Ian then starts to ask for something unusual: a site for not getting angry at all. A location where people understand that the world isn't out to attack their opinions, and that everyone just wants to make it a better place, with just slightly different ideas on how to do it.

Kyle, in deep thought, eventually answers that those people might be on Pinterest. Ian asks if that is where he needs to go to get angry at those people, and Sullivan confirms it.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Google+ is known for being very empty. With that said, the only thing to get angry there is the own platform.