Allison Devery (Character)

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Allison Devery
Photo allison.png
Allison (Actor)
Name Status Official Name
Actor Allison Devery
Occupation Unknown
First Appearance Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 5

Allison Devery has only appeared in an on-screen role in a few sketches so far despite her actor Allison Devery being a part of Door Monster since around August of 2016.


Spending and Saving[edit]

In Spending and Saving, Allison provides commentary on Kyle's plan. Getting to the point, she lets Kyle know that just because he is spending far less on items through a complicated web of complimentary coupons, all it ultimately achieves is the accumulation of useless items and net loss of money. In addition, She expresses that she often deals with Kyle's strange and harmful schemes before, and that this is by far one of the least damaging.

Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 5[edit]

In Self-Fulfilling Idiocy 5, Allison arrives from the far future after Kyle makes Ian travel back in time repeatedly to do his chores by threatening to end the world. She berates Ian for continuing to fail to ultimately solve the problem, although it is unclear if Ian realizes that he has been repeating this through different timelines. In the end, her argument with Ian distracts them both and Kyle ends up destroying the world for a grilled cheese sandwich.

Lola Needs Attention[edit]

In Lola needs Attention, Allison is constantly bugged by Lola for food while Kyle is out. Eventually she finds out the 'Dark One' is coming today by Lola, and prepares to attack, hitting Kyle instead. While she defends she did feed the cat, Kyle doesn't buy it when a portal opens up next to them with evil laughter.

Show Busyness (4th Year Finale)[edit]

In Show Busyness, Allison, Ian and Kyle hire Jefferey, Matt Locke, Cesar Riojas and Thomas Devery to film the finale for them. Ethan, after discussing with the fake crew, find the three clumped up on a corner working on Skyvault, and manages to encourage them to work on the finale instead.