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Allison Devery
Photo allison.png
Allison's Profile Photo
Full Name Allison Devery
Role Actress; Make-Up Artist; Photographer; Color Corrector; Prop Goblin
First Appearance The Freddy Fazbear Experiment (Minor Role)
90's Nostalgia (Prop Goblin)
Civ 6: Breaking News (Full Appearance)

"One day we discovered Allison in our attic and offered her food to drop things on Ian's head. We later found that she was highly skilled in photography and coloring, and so now she helps us make our videos look pretty and professional, as long as we keep giving her more food. She also does acting sometimes."
-Door Monster Site


Allison is the newest addition to the Door Monster Crew. She first appeared in a sketch having a full line as a random guest actor in The Freddy Fazbear Experiment. Much later however, she scored the Prop Goblin title by helping on set with 90's Nostalgia; she had on-screen bit parts in Civ 5: The Great War and Skyrim: Help Wanted, and then she showed up in the Altered Egos streams before finally grabbing her first role as a principal actor in Civ 6: Breaking News.

Introduction to Kyle[edit]

Allison first heard about Door Monster shortly after the original Door Monster video (mid November 2014). At the time, she was using the OK Cupid dating site, but had become rather nihilistic about it. As the site uses a long questionnaire to find matches, she was answering for comedic value, such as putting down "both is good" when asked "would it be worse to kill a baby or puppy". At the same time, Kyle was getting interested in the Cupid site as he was hearing rumours it was simply a data-gathering site. Not actually looking for a match, he signed on just to investigate these claims. For some reason, he was given a 60% match with Allison, and they began to chat. Allison felt really excited upon hearing that he was the person that had made this now very famous video.

Kyle and Allison are currently married.

Recurring Characters[edit]

Although she's the newest member of the cast, Allison has appeared in quite a few sketches.

Allison Devery[edit]

Videogame Girl[edit]

In Raised By Video Games, Alison plays a homonymous girl that was, as the title says, raised by video games. The Videogame Girl is extremely hyperactive and tries to solve real life situations using video game logic.

Raised By Video Games
Final Fantasy: Looking Edgy
Comical Road Trip (3rd Year Finale)

Appearance List[edit]