All in the Delivery

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All in the Delivery
YouTube Link
Date Released September 18, 2017
Length 2:46
Game N/A

All in the Delivery is a sketch that looks inside the minds of KGB agents, their advanced KGB handbook and intense hatred for pineapple on pizza. It is part of the KGB series.

Description: "Intimidate first, kill later."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Yegor
Ian Conn Jegor
Allison Devery Sneaky American Spy


The video begins with Yegor staring at a Sneaky American Spy unconscious and tied in a chair. Jegor then enters the room, seemingly tired from a hard day of spying duties, and sighs. In surprise, the russian agent quickly notices the girl tied to the chair and asks for who is she. Yegor explains that he has captured an american spy. According to KGB 101 protocol (intimidate first, kill later), Yegor had been staring at her for 2 hours just so he could tell her his intimidating one-liner. Several times during this conversation, Yegor displays his intense hatred for pineapple on pizza, claiming that it is an evil created by "capitalist pigs". Meanwhile, on the other hand, his partner argues for it, claiming that it is a flavor combination enjoyed by everyone.

During the whole conversation, the American is hit unconscious two more times, as both spies miss their lines and have to start over. In the third time, however, they manage to catch her, bringing on their intimidating one liners. The Spy, a little groggy from the beating she had just taken, replies, "I don't understand, I was just delivering a pizza." The video ends with Yegor's angry response: "I said NO PINEAPPLE!"


  • The KGB agents are a reference though the James Bond style villains who always have a very convoluted way of working.
  • "Pineapple on Pizza" is an infamous combination that has sparked great controversy within the Internet.