Age-Old Secrets

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Age-Old Secrets
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Date Released February 29, 2016
Length 2:24
Game N/A

Age-Old Secrets is a sketch that revolves around Jefferey trying to hide his immortality.

Description: "Jefferey is not immortal."


Actor Character
Jefferey Neely Himself
Kyle Sullivan Himself


The video begins with Kyle looking at an old image portraying a group of workers drinking together. In the middle of the group, a man that looks exactly like Jefferey can be found. Sullivan brings this fact to Neely's attention, who immediately tenses up and claims that he is not immortal. Kyle awkwardly says that he knows that, and Jefferey, relieved, leaves the room.

Both are next seen in the kitchen, with Kyle working on passport registrations. The young man asks Jefferey his age, who initially says "four hundred" before correcting himself by changing his answer to "four hundred days, plus ten thousand." After some quick thinking, Sullivan arrives at the age of 28 years, as Neely exits the kitchen with the proverbial tail between his legs.

The next scene features Kyle and Jefferey sitting on a couch, with the former asking the latter whether or not they would have to fight each other with swords to gain more power, if they were both immortal. Jefferey initially denies being immune to natural death, but eventually answers that "that's not how that works". Struggling to find a way to explain this knowledge, however, Jefferey tries to distract Kyle by claiming that he heard a sound somewhere, immediately taking this as his ticket out of the room.

Three other scenes revolving around Kyle and Jefferey are shown, hinting more and more about the latter's immortality. It culminates to a point where the man reaches his limit, and admits that he is, in fact, immortal. Kyle tells him that he already knew that, and asks whether or not he killed another immortal to get this power. Neely confirms that he has indeed killed another immortal, but that's not the reason of the power's acquisition... unless it is. The immortal pleads Kyle to not reveal his secret, as it would change the definition of life itself, though Sullivan dryly says that he doesn't care, implying that he won't reveal Jefferey's secret.

The last scene features Kyle creepily appearing near Neely, who is asleep. As Sullivan unsheathes his sword and prepares to murder the immortal, the sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The last scene implies that Kyle was planning to kill Jefferey to become immortal himself.