Act Like You Belong (ComicPalooza)

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Act Like You Belong (ComicPalooza)
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Date Released May 15, 2017
Length 2:51
Game N/A

Act Like You Belong (ComicPalooza) is a sketch about annoying fans.

Description: "An entertainment journalist deals with annoying fans.

This is a sketch we shot for our 2017 ComicPalooza panel, "Act Like You Belong," in which we taught attendees our method of creating quality comedy videos with minimal equipment and expertise."


Actor Character
Rachel Butcher Claire
Ian Conn Jackson
Kyle Sullivan Annoying Fan
Jeremiah Jackson Attendant #1
Virginia Nagel Attendant #2


The sketch begins with Claire introducing Jackson, who's supposedly on the convention floor with Felicia Day. However, when the camera changes to display him, he's not really with her. Claire informs Jackson that she is only receiving audio on her side, and Jackson decides to take the opportunity to pretend to be interviewing the actress.

Claire asks if Jackson would like to ask her on how she feels about being there with them. Jackson pulls over a random attendant and tries to get him to pretend to be Felicia Day, but he doesn't catch on. He then goes on a rant about all the new (Batman) Jokers before Jackson pushes him off-screen. Claire then tells him that their audio had cut out for a second. The interviewer pulls over another passerby and again pretends that he's Felicia Day, asking him what his favorite event is. The attendant responds with a fake voice, in an attempt to imitate the actress. Claire initially falls for it, though suddenly, the annoying fan appears again and begins to talk about the Joker's make-up before getting pushed off-screen again.

Claire then requests that Jackson ask Felicia about what she's trying to promote, to which Jackson responds by using the same pull-a-random-attendant-and-pretend-it's-Felicia-Day tactic. The bystander answers the question, but Claire comments how it doesn't sound like her and asks for what's going on. The annoying fan returns once more, and just like before, gets pushed off-screen. Claire then asks if Jackson could get her an autograph. The man, out of patience, tells her that he's done with it and gives the microphone to the annoying fan, who then goes around the convention asking random people for who the best Joker is.

The sketch ends with Felicia Day being approached by the fan.