A Vlog A Day

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A Vlog A Day
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YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNLkUW-jMKU
Date Released August 28, 2017
Length 3:04
Game N/A

A Vlog A Day is a sketch parodying daily vloggers on YouTube, starring Kyle and Joey.

Description: "I get into crazy stuff today! Cooking tutorials! Cinnamon challenge! And lots of Joey! Plus a BIG SURPRISE at the end!"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Joey Basham Himself
Honey Herself


The sketch begins with Kyle sprawled out on a couch with a camera in his right hand. His alarm rings as the video changes to the perspective of his hand-held camera. Kyle awakes and turns to camera with the words "Good morning, Commander Scooby" going on to describe this video as "Day 512 of [his] daily vlogs". Sitting up, Sullivan announces that it's going to be a good day, before encouraging the viewer to give the video a like "if [they] like having a good day". After some shameless promoting of "Day 512 merch", specifically a 35 dollar t-shirt on cafepress.com, Kyle declares it's time to "see what Joey's doing".

Kyle moves quickly with his camera to the room where Joey can be found eating breakfast. Seemingly oblivious to the fact Joey is obviously in the middle of his morning's meal, Kyle says "Hey Joey, what are you doin'?". Joey looks up to find Kyle, camera in hand, filming for his daily vlog. "Where did you get that camera? I took your last one" inquires Joey, implying Kyle can be found frequently harassing others as part of his vlogging routines. "I have more than one" replies Kyle, unphased. Joey facepalms mumbling "You don't have any money". Kyle points the camera at himself to explain the reason he has no money is because he "spent it all on cameras" as a result of being "not in it for the cash, just for the fame". Kyle, staring in the camera, then says "Take that, haters". Joey asks why Kyle is referring to his audience as "haters" to which Kyle explains that he only has one fan and the rest are haters. Joey, hoping Sullivan would see the problem with this, poignantly asks "So you're gonna stop?". Sullivan dismisses the idea of quitting reasoning "Well I can't disappoint my fan, can I?". Kyle, now in sunglasses, addresses his only fan by lowering them, saying "Love you, guy" and making a clicking sound mid-finger-gun.

A jump-cut reveals Kyle to be back in the room he started in. He lists of commentor's suggestions for what he should do with his day. Most of the ideas proposed encourage him to harm himself with a blender in increasingly ridiculous manners ("Shout out to Blenders"). However, he states his favorite comment is from the aforementioned Commander Scooby, who suggests he "don't forget to eat lunch again today". This inspires Kyle to attempt a "cooking video". Kyle is then shown interrupting Joey making a sandwich to ask him if he can borrow it. The next shot shows Kyle and a random assortment of ingredients announcing he's found a great food hack "thanks to [his] friend Joey". Joey, slowly losing patience in the background, asks "Why are you doing this? Everyone knows how to make a sandwich!". Kyle justifies his tutorial with the idea that people know what results from "shoving a whole bunch of cinnamon in [their] face" and how there's still plenty of videos about that. Kyle nonchalantly and very subtly adds cinammon to Joey's sandwich, before asking the audience to comment as to whether or not they'd "like to see Joey take on the Cinnamon Challenge". Joey returns from being briefly off camera to announce he's done and wants his sandwich back.

Kyle is shown to regard a catalog mailed to him from Costco as a "brand deal". When Joey tries to explain that everyone gets similar magazines as advertisements in the mail, Kyle simply turns the camera back to himself as says "Sponsorships are really important to independent creators, like myself". Joey levels with Kyle, explaining "Most of what you're doing aren't even current YouTube trends. You're too predictable. Change it up, alright. You be more unique, you're gonna have one fan forever". He then takes a bite of his previously shown sandwich and begins coughing up cinnamon. Flashing text reading "Pranked!" as well as Kyle saying "surprise cinnamon challenge" are shown before Joey gets up to presumably ruff up Kyle.

As a result of pranking Joey, Kyle is locked out of his apartment "again". He isn't too phased though, explaining that Joey always "comes around by midnight ... Like 2:00 am at the latest". Not deterred Kyle looks at the camera saying "But it's a job, you know? You gotta keep making content to make people happy". A woman off-screen begins shouting at Kyle saying "I thought I told you not to film here". Kyle rolls his eyes and retorts "I'm a YouTuber, I can do what I want". Kyle begins listing off all the traditional end-of-vlog monologue phrases as the camera shows his video on YouTube. He is shown to have 1 subscriber and the video to have 1 like and 11 dislikes. With Kyle still rambling about the various internet locations of his brand, Joey simply presses a key on his laptop to exit the video. This ends the sketch as well.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • Kyle lists the ingredients of a sandwich as being "two slices of bread and some other stuff". On the table around him are various items most people would consider unhelpful in preparing a sandwhich, including chocolate syrup. This all implies that Vlogger Kyle doesn't know how to present the making of even the most simple of foods.
  • Kyle's belief that the Costco magazine he received in the mail is actually a "brand deal" shows him to have delusions of grandeur regarding his vlogging success.


  • The Cinnamon Challenge is referenced numerous times throughout the video.