A Tremendous Waste of Time

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A Tremendous Waste of Time
A Tremendous Waste of Time Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5kWhCg8peM
Date Released June 16, 2010
Length 2:27
Game N/A

A Tremendous Waste of Time is one of DM's earliest sketches. In it, Kyle and Reid find a strange box in their home and try to see what treasure is hidden inside. This video consists of a montage of them attempting to open the box.

Description: "Two guys find a mysterious locked box inside their house."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Himself
Reid Sullivan Himself


The video begins with Reid walking into the house while Kyle is messing around with a small wooden box. Kyle asks Reid if he knows where the box came from, stating that he just found it on the counter when he go home and can't get it open. Reid does not know where the box came from and is disinterested in it, giving a halfhearted excuse before hurrying away. He then, however, reappears behind Kyle wondering about the possibility of the box containing money. Kyle then says yes to get Reid to help him open the box. The two acquire various tools and objects around the house to help them open the box. With that, the video a montage of Kyle and Reid's various attempts to execute said task.

These attempts include: using a set of keys including a "key" that isn't a real key, hitting it with a hammer, drilling into it, hitting it with a square rock, throwing it around, spinning it really fast, using a socket wrench, Kyle screaming and flailing his arms at the box, calling a store to attempt (and fail) to acquire hydrogen bombs, guided missiles, grenade launchers, or "one of those concrete cutting knives they have on TV", shouting open at the box, shooting it with a machine gun, and driving over it with a car.

Kyle believes that the condition of the box has actually improved after everything they've done to it and the two are seen staring at the box after seemly running out of ideas. The box then opens by itself, revealing a note contained inside from their dad. After reading the note Kyle wonders how their dad got into the house. Reid then takes the power drill and drives off.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • The key that isn't an actual key is really a small keyblade from the game series Kingdom Hearts. The keyblade is able to open any lock, but is not able to open the box.