A Fable II Experience: The Final Quest

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A Fable II Experience: The Final Quest
FableIIThe FinalQuest.png
A Fable II Experience: The Final Quest Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2QDNJlHpIE
Date Released November 12, 2012
Length 1:23
Game Fable II

A Fable II Experience: The Final Quest is the third animation of the Fable series. In it, Rodriguez finishes his final Fable II quest.

Description: "The mighty Rodriguez ElCazorro will not rest until he literally has no other option!

When I started writing the final installment of the Fable Experience series, I thought, "I'm gonna make this one pretty much the same as the others, but at its maximum potential." In essence, this meant that it would still mostly consist of dialogue, but with better art and more varied, interesting shots. I am now regretting this seemingly simple decision.

That said, I apologize for how long it's taking. Here's the opening scene to hold you over for a while. It's actually about the end of Fable II. Not the end of the story, mind you; just the end of the game."


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Rodriguez ElCazorro, Jon, Thieves


The animation begins with a band of thieves holding sacks of gold, happy that their plan succeeded. When one of the criminals comments that it was way too easy to get them, however, the entire group gasps, and the leader becomes angry, telling the thief that "he" waits until someone says that.

A gunshot is heard, and Rodriguez ElCazorro appears. The hero greets his enemies and tries to make his traditional glorious introduction, though the bold letters that form his name suddenly "lose power". It is revealed, then, that Jon is the one powering them with an energy generating bike. Cazorro orders him to paddle faster, and repeats his introduction. This time, his voice becomes louder and more powerful, and the letters appears in a stylized font.

After this, though, all the criminals point their weapons at him. Rodriguez comments that he's actually surprised that that doesn't happen more often, while the leader proposes a deal: he can either walk away or get beaten by a bunch of thieves with cheap rifles, who according to him, is just embarrassing. When the camera flips back to Cazorro, however, the hero is glowing with electricity, and quickly says, "I'm holding lightning".

A huge bolt strikes all of the criminals, instantly killing them. Rodriguez comments that the battle was almost a nuisance, and asks Jon for what's next. The companion looks at his clipboard and answers that there are no more quests, making Cazorro becomes disappointed and go silent. After some seconds of no sound, the animation ends with the "A Fable III Experience" title card.