A Fable II Experience

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A Fable II Experience
A Fable II Experience Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NI39ltMr7jE
Date Released December 6, 2010
Length 1:44
Game Fable II

A Fable II Experience is the first animation of the Fable series, depicting the adventures of Rodriguez ElCazorro.

Description: "Gamers can sometimes be subject to strange events.

The first adventure of the purely awesome Rodriguez ElCazorro!"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Rodriguez ElCazorro, Jon, Slappy


The animation begins with Rodriguez and John arriving at Bloodstone, an isolated town. There, they meet a trader, who welcomes them and asks if they would like to buy something. ElCazorro, however, interrupts him several times to introduce himself and his companions, always talking in an over-the-top manner.

When Rodriguez finally decides to browse through his wares, the trader asks if they are doing anything on Friday night. ElCazorro denies it and slaps him, though the man just laughs. The hero decides to repeatedly slap him again and again, and the merchant laughs once more. Rodriguez declares this "incredible" and announces that he will call the trader "Slappy". After this, ElCazorro slaps him some more times and resumes his wares browsing.

While the hero is looking for items to buy, John notices something inside his pocket - an engagement ring. The companion immediately makes a sly face and gives the ring to Slappy, effectively engaging Cazorro and him. The hero, confused and frustrated, denounces John for his actions and shoots Slappy in the head, killing him. After the deed, Rodriguez continues talking to John, claiming that because of him, he had to kill the only man that he has ever met that enjoyed being slapped in the face.

Arrows, grenades and other projectiles begin to be hurled around the duo, as an angry mob begins to rage. Rodriguez says that he hates that town and that they should just go home.

The animation ends.