A Fable III Experience

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A Fable III Experience
A Fable III Experience Thumbnail
YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilZwOoHBZds
Date Released June 25, 2018
Length 8:43
Game Fable III

A Fable III Experience is the last animation of the Fable series. In it, Rodriguez reappears in Fable III.

Description: "The Fourth Hero of the Many Legends finally returns!"


Actor Character
Kyle Sullivan Rodriguez ElCazorro, Jon
RicePirate John Cleese (Jasper), Peter Molyneux (Fable Developers)
Jazza Reaver
Benjaminz Sir Walter
James Bowman The Crawler
RandomStar Logan
LiquidSpiral The Prince
Apatheria The Real Jon
Ethan Gelinas The Good Decorator
Aimee Smith The Evil Decorator


The animation begins with the Fable III title card. A statue of Rodriguez ElCazorro is shown, which soon vaporizes a kid who accidentally hits its head with a ball. The scene then changes to the castle's basement, where Jasper, Sir Walter and the Prince talk about King Logan, and the need for him to get deposed. Sir Walter then presses a hidden button, activating an ElCazorro statue and giving him the power to transform the Prince into the Fable II hero - Rodriguez ElCazorro. The hero greets Jasper and Sir Walter, with the former asking him if he's alright. Rodriguez says that he's feeling a mixture of awesome, amazing and incredible, and calls Jasper "John Cleese". Walter proposes for them to get going, but Cazorro tells him that he needs to get his lackey first.

Activating a random glyph in the ground, the three get teleported into another area. Rodriguez utters the name "Scotty", while John Cleese comments that the place reminds him of an oversized backpack. ElCazorro then wanders into a room, and asks for what is it for. The assistant replies by saying that it is used to store money, much to the hero's joy. A coin then falls on the hero's head.

Cazorro, Walter and Cleese head to another room, and the hero brings Jon back from wherever he was. The companion briefly appears as a strong and naked man, but Rodriguez turns him back to his original form, saying that no one can be more awesome than him. The duo then heads to a party, where they meet Reaver. When Cazorro enters the room, he says that he hates him so much that he was originally going to kill him in the previous episode, but the animator got too tired and cut the scene. Reaver becomes mildly confused, and Rodriguez does his signature introduction, killing the businessman soon after. Jon then asks if they can raid the castle, but the hero says that he first needs an enemy revive potion. After some unconvenient transitions, Jon gives him one, and the hero revives Reaver, promptly murdering him again. Rodriguez explains that killing him once wasn't good enough.

The scene then changes to the King's castle, where Rodriguez easily slaughters all the guards and enters the King's room. There, he finds the King, an old and frail man, though the hero at first ignores him due to thinking that he's probably some kind of lackey. When Rodriguez discovers that he is, indeed, the King, the hero mocks him for a while before Sir Walter removes the old man from the room. Cazorro seems disappointed, but Jon shows him the bright side: he's now the king.

Rodriguez puts a crown on his head, though Jon says that it is a bit much. The two have a mild discussion about it, ending with the hero agreeing with the companion and throwing the crown on the ground. John Cleese says that he is expected in the Throne Room, but before he is able to get there, a mountain of money coming from the money room overcomes the hero, who exclaims that he doesn't even have a source of income.

The video then cuts to him in the throne room, where Rodriguez is seen trying to resolve Logan's punishment and the castle's decoration. The hero doesn't seem too happy, though, as he's forced to answer multiple-choice questions. The castle then gets invaded by shadowy creatures and a giant monster named The Crawler, who tries to threaten the hero but ultimately fails. ElCazorro then kicks the Crawler out effortlessly and becomes frustrated by how easy it was. When Rodriguez finally discovers that he didn't get anything for it, he furiously attacks the Fable developers with lightning.

The animation ends. A post-credits scene shows the hero hastily donating all of his money to a poor man, as he's getting it too fast.


  • The utterance of the name "Scotty" after Rodriguez gets teleported is a reference to Star Trek.
  • The way how Jon gives Cazorro the enemy revive potion is a reference to Fable III's pause menu system - the menu is actually the Sanctuary.
  • Rachel, Joey and Ethan appear in the background, at 4:03.
  • Kyle appears in a portrait at 4:32.
  • JP appears among the crowd at 5:13.
  • Ricky appears in a portrait at 5:59.


  • The animator behind this video is actually Josh Gossett, not Kyle Sullivan.