90's Nostalgia

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90's Nostalgia
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YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAm4DHXrAXU
Date Released August 15, 2016
Length 2:26
Game N/A

90's Nostalgia is a sketch about a time machine leaking the 90's.

Description: "The 90's are leaking."


Actor Character
Ian Conn Himself
Kyle Sullivan Himself


The sketch begins with Ian walking towards the ladder that leads to the attic. He looks up the ladder and a noise is heard before a Goku figurine and some yo-yos fall from the attic. Ian tries to climb the ladder, but Kyle stops him and tells him the attic is full of his boring old stuff. The noise is heard again and a bunch of Pokemon cards fall on Ian's head. Ian asks if it's 90's stuff and Kyle tells him it's not just 90's stuff because that would be very specific and unlikely. The noise happens again and a photo of Friends lands on Ian's hands which he shows Kyle, who tells him that it technically ran until 2004.

Ian then asks Kyle what's really in the attic and Kyle tells him it's just a precarious stack of 90's memorabilia and there aren't any temporal anomalies or poorly constructed furniture. Ian realizes the time machine Kyle built is up there and tells him he thought he got rid of it. Kyle responds that he can't just get rid of it as it came from IKEA and over time it'll just disassemble itself until he eventually moves and becomes the next person's problem. Ian tells him that they don't want it to disassemble itself because it's a time machine. Kyle tells him that it's been fine so far and that it's just leaking the 90's a little. Ian asks how far it reaches before asking if 90's nostalgia is Kyle's fault. Kyle tells Ian that he believes it's the fault of Scandinavian manufacturing standards.

Ian brings up the concern that it could seriously damage modern society. Kyle believes it's just leaking pop culture things and nothing really important, but he does mention that whenever he sees Hillary CLinton on TV it glows a bit. Ian tells him they need to deactivate it, but Kyle doesn't think it's dangerous. Ian tells him that a Power Rangers movie is being made before the time machine spits out some Animorphs books on Ian's head. He then yells at Kyle to turn it off. Kyle suggests throwing something that's the opposite of the 90's into it. Ian then asks Kyle what the opposite of the 90's even is and Kyle runs to grab an Apple product. He comes back with an iPad and throws it up into the attic. Ian asks if it did anything and the next day Ian is seen looking at the Pokemon Go website.

The sketch ends.

Explained Jokes[edit]

  • 90's nostalgia is the remembrance of various cultural events from the 90's in an affectionate light.
  • IKEA is a Scandinavian company.